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 A troubled man,


                                                              Finds himself drawn back into the life of crime when his younger brother  becomes indebted to a drug dealer.

Now, he will do whatever it takes to save his brother,

                                                             EVEN IF IT PUSHES HIM DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE

                                                                                                                                              He never wanted to be in.








Being adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Ezed Williams, Focus Frame Productions presents 

RUNNIN DA MILES is an urban crime drama that looks to tell the story of Kingsy, who is living in North-East London in the fictional area called THE MILES.

"Action-packed from the start and gives you a real insight into London life for less privileged. Great read!"-- Grant Walters, Amazon Reviews

Life is tough in The Miles but like most places around London, the area is now changing and evolving around the native residents. With new buildings being erected and the divide between the haves and have-nots visibly growing, Kingsy, our protagonist, is determined to create a better life for himself and his family but finds the daily grind and resulting slow money unbearably frustrating - but he presses on. He knows how quickly things can go wrong for people in The Miles when they try and make fast money.

In this project, we are looking to create a wider experience than the typical crime drama. Runnin Da Miles is a project that looks to combine the thrills of the genre with the realistic look into the lives of people whose city is changing around them while they themselves try to catch up.

Through Kingsy we can connect two key viewpoints in the film - THE OLDERS AND THE YOUNGERS.

Kingsy, with his best friend Michael, represents the older. They've grown up in the Miles and have made their fair share of mistakes. Some they wish they could take back and now that they are no longer eager and excited teenagers they are starting to look at their environment in a different light, and they are even more aware of how their mistakes are still weighing them down.

Through Kingsy's younger brother Reece we get to see the viewpoint of the younger. They are the age Kingsy and Michael were when they were making most of their mistakes and their story shows how easy it is for the lives of the youth to be derailed and taken away in an instant.

The parallels that are ingrained in the characters and threaded throughout the story create a crime drama like no other.





Kingsy found out early on that gangs and crime are difficult to escape in The Miles. The opportunities are lucrative. When friend Michael got sent to prison, Kingsy was determined not to let history repeat itself. But that’s easier said than done when those you love are in trouble..


After spending five years in jail, Michael wants to get his life together. He is determined to get back into his daughter’s life and use his artistic talents to carve a career. But Michael needs money to get started, and there’s only one surefire way of getting it in The Miles...

Kingsy’s awkward younger brother Reece really needs to discover who he is. For now, though, he hangs out on the streets with friends, trying to get girls. He’s all too aware of what happened with Michael, but thinks he’s smart enough not to end up the same way.



Kingpin Local spent years growing his influence under his godfather’s reputation. His ambitions know no bounds; all he cares about is how something can benefit him. Charismatic and energetic, he is able to disarm people with ease – while playing them like a chess master.


Coming from a backwater part of The Miles, Marvin has always been driven by the desire to gain influence and power. His singular goal and the presence he commands because of that belief has always been his driving force no matter what's been thrown at him.


However, his temper, which would create fear that would keep his followers in line, is also his weakness. After a job where Marvin snapped and went rogue, rumours started to spread that he’d actually snitched on his crew. The rumours persisted and destroyed all Marvin’s reputation, reputation he wants and needs to get back, willing to seize any opportunity he can.


Sacko is headstrong and feels like he’s a rebellious ladies' man. He joined the K - 9 Gang to try and get influence for himself as he thought that would lead to respect and that the respect would lead to girls- and one particular girl.


His insecurities are what lead him to lash out as he has a delicate ego and it’s easy for people to push his buttons. Sacko is quick to act out or do things if challenged by someone he craves respect or attention from and in public he feels like he needs to act big to protect himself.

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We believe that this story needs to be told and can lead to more stories and creatives from minority and/or less privileged backgrounds being able to make their way into cinemas, changing the landscape for the better.


Runnin Da Miles is not just a film but it's an opportunity for creatives of all backgrounds to get a foot in the industry so that one day they can tell their own story with us. Films are nothing without the support from the community and we know we have a story that many will enjoy.


You can support our film by sharing our website and following our social media pages.

And you can do more by DONATING or INVESTING in the project. 

Our current perks for donations include t-shirts, posters, executive credits, and Runnin Da Miles novel signed by Ezed Williams himself. If we get to our final stage we will have premier tickets to giveaway!


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