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Ezed is the author of the Runnin Da Miles novel but always envisioned the project as a film, hoping the novel would help realise this ambition in bringing his realistic-gritty crime novel to cinemas.

The inspiration for the story came from Ezed's own experiences when he was growing up. Ezed, unfortunately, had a tough upbringing and was groomed into crime twice before he became an adult. Therefore, Ezed had learned about life only through street life and prison. He has seen things, heard stories that would leave any person in a very dark place. Since Ezed's teenage days he always wanted to write a story for the big screen that would express these feelings about growing up in his home community, North London. This story is based on those experiences; an amalgamation of insight and introspective thought has made the bulk of this story believable, realistic, and most importantly authentic. 

Ezed's ambitions don't end with Running Da Miles, he wants his community to have something akin to Hackney Empire, and call it the NORTH LONDON PROJECT. His vision for the project would be for them to write their own scripts and make their own movies. He believes it would be a great opportunity for the kids, or anyone in the community, to tell their own stories - stories that are waiting to be heard.




Having started his venture into feature film making at 21 years old with his first feature film director Conor J James then teamed up with Jobe Wolf and Focus Frame Productions on the short film PHIZER. Now they look to bring the story first envisioned by Ezed to the big screen. Developing his skills with a variety of short film projects that have expanded into animation, Conor continues to create a depth of emotion in all of his work from the acting to the visuals to the sound.

Bringing his own viewpoint to life in London, Conor has been able to work with Ezed in shaping the script into a moving and thought-provoking film, that explored the complex and nuanced emotions and decisions within the crime drama genre. Conor's unique filmmaking style and taste promise to bath the screen in colour and space that London rarely enjoys, and a camera that will guide the audience between the movie's two main stories.

Through this project, Conor wants to present the London he's familiar with highlighting all the different people, cultures, and styles that can be found across the city - while also presenting a great opportunity for new talent to work as part of the cast or the crew.




Executive Producer Jobe Wolf is the Managing Director at Focus Frame Productions LTD and Lead producer of Running Da Miles. With an ethos geared to promoting new and exciting talent like (Conor J James, Phizer, 2021) and (Julia-Maria Arnolds, Tenet 2020) working with aspiring filmmakers from all demographics and age range providing opportunities to those who wish to enter the UK film industry no matter their experience. 


A proven record for funding creative projects enhancing a varied portfolio with prestigious organisations and clients, including Sky Sports, KPMG, NHS Newham England and Channel 4’s Claire Richards has seen Jobe Wolf quickly earn awards and nominations, most recently for (Hope?, 2021). Dedicated to cinema and a narrative specialist fighting for the average moviegoer, Jobe Wolf helps to bring filmmakers projects to the finishing line whilst delivering outstanding products in line with 21st-century values and work ethic.


No dream is impossible to realise when Jobe Wolf is at the helm pushing the boundaries of cinema



Focus Frame Productions have spearheaded several short films that have been accepted into film festivals regionally and internationally. The company is dedicated to their talent and facilitating the visions of their artists in the stories that they are wanting to tell.

Focus Frame Productions believes in helping to nurture new creative talent and giving back to the community in a variety of different ways.  



We believe that this story needs to be told and can lead to more stories and creatives from minority and/or less privileged backgrounds being able to make their way into cinemas, changing the landscape for the better.


Runnin Da Miles is not just a film but it's an opportunity for creatives of all backgrounds to get a foot in the industry so that one day they can tell their own story with us. Films are nothing without the support from the community and we know we have a story that many will enjoy.


You can support our film by sharing our website and following our social media pages.

And you can do more by DONATING or INVESTING in the project. 

Our current perks for donations include t-shirts, posters, executive credits, and Runnin Da Miles novel signed by Ezed Williams himself. If we get to our final stage we will have premier tickets to giveaway!


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